Welcome to the brand new DecibelClub.com! We've made some changes in an effort to better your experience as a member of the Decibel Club, PromoWest Productions' Premier Concert Club.

As a member of the Decibel Club you will receive:

-  4 tickets to the concert(s) of your choice to any qualifying show at the EXPRESS LIVE!, Newport, The Basement or A&R Music Bar
-  Early Entrance to every show at every Columbus venue (valid for member plus 1 guest with Decibel Club membership card)
-  (1) Decibel Club Membership Card**
-  Weekly PromoWest newsletter keeping you up-to-date with the latest concert info
-  Exclusive access to:

  •     2 for 1 ticket offers
  •     Pre-sale opportunities
  •     FREE Concert tickets*
  •     Box seats, contests, soundcheck parties and meet & greet opportunities


Click here to view the current list of qualifying shows.

*For a complete list of terms & conditions click here

**Decibel Club Membership Cards to be picked up by member at either the EXPRESS LIVE! or Newport Music Hall box office.

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